Two Summer Student Jobs

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ArtsPond is pleased to announce we have two summer student positions available for 2018 with funding from Canada Summer Jobs. The positions include an English-French Translator (Bilingual Communications Assistant) and an Education and Outreach Assistant for two major initiatives, Groundstory (a collective impact effort to address the effects of gentrification on the arts in Ontario, supported by Ontario Trillium Foundation), and Digital Arts Services Symposium 2019: All Digits On Deck (an upcoming national arts and technology conference to be hosted at the Toronto Reference Library on March 18-20, 2019, supported by Canada Council for the Arts).

Compensation for both positions is $3,619.20 at $14.50/hour plus 4% vacation pay for 8 weeks at 30 hours per week. Start date for both positions is between June 11 and July 9, 2018. Applicants must be between 18 and 30 years of age and planning to return to school in September 2018. 

The Translator (Bilingual Communications Assistant) will provide English to French translation and interpretation services for community meetings and roundtables, focus groups, and online surveys for Groundstory and DASS19. The position will help advance efficiency and excellence in the arts and technology industry by providing increased access to research and cultural learning resources for both English and Francophone communities in Toronto, across Ontario, and nationwide. The position will document and publish all English to French translations in relevant media, including press releases, website pages, blog entries, social media posts, Word document translations, video subtitles and closed captioning The Translator wiill have strong verbal and written communications skills in both English and French, including familiarity with Quebecois and Canadian French idioms in the arts, culture, and technology.

The Education and Outreach Assistant is an English-language position to help identify, connect, educate, and engage community members and the public through the documenting of shared learning resources, and assisting in the planning and production of learning events for Groundstory and DASS19. This position will assist in the coordination and documentation of community meetings and roundtables on the effects of gentrifcation on the arts across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. The position will also help recruit and coordinate the efforts of cross-disciplinary Steering and Advisory Committees for Groundstory and DASS19 including key leaders from the arts, business, nonprofit, technology, government, and philanthropy sectors. The position will help advance efficiency and excellence in the arts and culture industry by providing greater awareness of the challenges of artists in securing affordable shelter and spaces of work in rapidly gentrifying neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. The position will also help foster greater understanding and collaboration between arts and technology leaders across Canada. The position will document and publish all shared learning resources in relevant media, including website pages, blog entries, social media posts, videos, and more.

For both positions, ArtsPond is seeking young, energetic changemakers with a passion for community-building and shared learning. Applicants should have strong reading, verbal, and written communications skills with a high level of familiarity with computer programs including Office365 and social media platforms. Familiarity with WordPress or graphic and web design software (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator) is considered an asset. Applicants should have a desire to work in the arts and have a passion for arts, culture, and technology in Canada. Successful candidates will have an ability to work independently and maintain a positive attitude toward achieving goals, including excellent attention to detail.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter with résumé or curriculum vitae to