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Our story, from there to here

Federally incorporated as a non-profit in 2016, ArtsPond / Étang d'Arts was established as a grassroots entity in 2014 with the aim to become a national, multidisciplinary Charitable Venture Platform. This vision was created in response to Jane Marsland's landmark paper, "Shared Platforms and Charitable Venture Organizations: A powerful possibility for a more resilient arts sector" (Metcalf Foundation, 2013).

While a clear regulatory framework to permit these types of platforms to operate does not currently exist, we are actively advocating for policy changes through the activities of the Arts Working Group, a think-tank collaboration on the future of Charitable Venture Platforms. Other interventions include:


Founded in 2016, DigitalASO / NumériqueOSA ( is a collaborative effort to empower Canada’s arts services to adapt to the digital world. Major activities include the annual ‘Digital Arts Services Symposium’ (providing networking and digital literacy training for arts and technology professionals in Canada); 'Managing Creativity in a Digital World' (national digital arts services infrastructure needs survey); 'Elemente' and 'Artse' (emerging digital arts services infrastructure planning and design). 


Launched in 2017, Groundstory / Histoire de Terrain ( is a cross-sectoral effort with a mandate to address the ripple effects of gentrification on the arts in Ontario, “one brick, one story, at a time”. Funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation, Stage 1 focuses on applied research and community outreach in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area.



Cultivating big ideas and untapped potential in the arts into exceptional, everyday shared realities.


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